FRIENDLY WARNING: Beware of "seemingly reputable" SEO Scams

We pride ourselves on being ethical and honest, and what is best for dentists, regardless or whether they are a current member or not. Over the past several years, we've seen some bad things happen to good dentists, and hope that this information will help you avoid the same kind of mistake.

Some local search companies use "static" (not dynamic) Call Tracking numbers, which they intentionally blast into tons of Internet directories. This is done so they can take credit for any calls that your office receives. Most importantly, it damages your current Google rankings, because Google requires that your TRUE PRACTICE PHONE NUMBER be used, for consistency sake and mainly so they can recognize "you". Using a call tracking number that you are not the legal owner of ties you to the real owner... thus locking you into a bad relationship.

Some scammers typically don't mention anything about the Call Tracking number during their hard to resist sales pitch. Once you've signed up and they've blasted the Call Tracking number into all those Internet directories, it's nearly impossible to clean it up. In the end, you are locked into their contract. We've heard first hand from a few of our members, how they were forced to either "ride out the contract" or "pay a huge PENALTY FEE", without any guarantee from the scammer that the mess they created will ever be cleaned up.

BEST ADVICE - Before buying any Internet marketing service, always do some research by looking at examples of their work, check testimonials, view results and please ... ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT before signing anything. We are proud of the fact that we don't do joint ventures. This helps keep our cost very reasonable, and more importantly, ensures that our members recommend our company solely based on the high quality of work we do and the great results we achieve.

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We cater exclusively to dentists and have a sincere interest in the success of each members practice. We attribute our success to working closely with our members to ensure their complete satisfaction. We take excellent care of our members. We listen to what they want and combine it with what we know works.

We are the world’s best at what we do, and absolutely love it.

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