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Dr. Steve Rasner

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Dr. Brad Brooks

" is the SECRET WEB WEAPON behind every website I own. The owners, Greg and Mary Rahall, are 2 of the finest people I have had the pleasure of working with for nearly 15 years. Their work is top quality. Their integrity is beyond question, and their programming team is the best on the web today (dental or otherwise)."

Dr. Tom Orent -


"Wow! Working with the EXPERTS has certainly done wonders for my practice over the past 3 years. Thanks to your honesty, generosity and expertise, we get at least 50 new patients each month. P.S. Mary, we absolutely loved your presentation in Destin! It as incredibly educational, moving and INSPIRATIONAL!"

Dr. Douglas Evans
"Of all the web design and Internet marketing companies that I've worked with over the years...Mary and Greg Rahall at, produce the BEST RESULTS!"


Dr. Woody Oakes

"At a time when too many companies over-promise and under deliver, Mary and Greg Rahall from are the real deal! I can tell you they will give incredible value and detail for your project. They walk you through every step, provide great ideas, and are on the cutting edge of what your web site should be doing for you. I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

Dr. Steve Rasner -


Dental Website Design

"I have used for two websites for my practice. I can honestly say that the results are nothing short of amazing! Just today, I told my office manager that we had 4 appointment requests come through our site.Four in one day! The best part is that the requests that we get are mainly for Invisalign. Talk about return on investment - WOW! I literally could not imagine not having the website that I have, my practice would not be the same. I am always ranked on the first page of all of the major search engines with organic search, not paid ads. Thanks a million, (or two!) Greg and Mary. You are the best around!"


Steffany Mohan, D.D.S.
West Des Moines, IA


Dental Web Marketing



Dental Web marketing

Dental Web Marketing


Dental Web Marketing

"Advanced Web Systems creates web sites worth investing in!  I was skeptical at first because so many web designers create good looking web sites that can't be found anywhere on search engines. Advanced Web Systems listened to what we wanted and made it easy. Their project manager worked with us throughout the process to get it just right. They created our custom web site in 6 weeks, and also got it listed #1 on major search engines, under multiple search phrases.   Now, that's a web site worth investing in!"

Dr. Gordon Dean -

Absolutely Brilliant!  Advanced Web Systems is nothing short of incredible! Much to our surprise, putting together our web site was actually pleasant. Whatever we asked of your team, you never said "No".  It was always, "I'm sure that's possible." Your patience, your comfortable style and determination to please, produced our web site that exceeded our expectations. We were barely on the web, before we started noticing numerous calls to our office due to our web site. Thanks for getting us #1 placement on major search engines and for taking such great care of us."

Dr. P. Laray Rector, DDS -

"A perfect balance of art and engineering... Advanced Web Systems creates extraordinary web sites that get excellent search engine placement!"

Dr. Debra Gray King -

"Thank you Advanced Web Systems for being so creative and giving us the UNIQUE look we were after. We are thrilled with our #1 placement on Google and Yahoo search engines. We've gotten a lot of new patients and great cosmetic cases from our web site!
One more thing...Thanks Mary for making it such a pleasant experience, and one of the best marketing investments we've ever made!"

Jenny Benito and Dr. J. Carlos Benito




Dental Web Marketing

"I paid a fortune for my original web site.  It was all flash animation and could not be located on any search engines.  Advanced Web Systems created my gorgeous NEW web site which gets #1 placement on major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, for several search phrases.  We love the Flash Office Gallery and the Flash Smile Gallery too!  Thank you Advanced Web Systems for doing it 'right' the first time!!!

Dr. Deborah Manos -


"Simply Incredible! We still can't believe the level of detail you put into our new web site. All of the advanced features are great and your search engine optimization team is amazing -  We had a web site before, but weren't getting any results. We're looking forward to getting new patients from our new web site and have already had tons of compliments on it. Thanks so much for taking great care of us!"

Dr. Jay Azling -


"Advanced Web Systems is nothing short of phenomenal.  Their Software Engineers transformed several of my favorite cosmetic case photos into beautiful Flash Smile Galleries so that patients can view the benefits of certain dental procedures.

Dr. Thomas Oppenheim -
AACD Accredited Member


"My dental practice provides high quality service and I wanted to make sure that my practice as well as my web site got the attention it deserves. That
's why I chose Advanced Web Systems to design my web site, and I am amazed with their unique capabilities.  Not only did they create a gorgeous web site for me, they also got my web site # 1 placement on major search engines for my area.  As far as "quality" of service goes, they are the Mercedes of dental web site design and worth every penny!"

Dr. Vince Tiller